A new way of commercializing pulses

We are the FIRST e-commerce in the world for the pulses’ commercialization. With our app, you are a click away from reaching any part of the world.


The platform will have filters and specific features to make it a quick and effective tool


We keep a simple design by making a user-friendly interface.


Through the database, users will be able to relate and establish global business relationships at the click of a button.

About the App 

Since we know the specialty market, we want to provide you with business opportunities through market knowledge, facilitating you with information, crop trends and reference prices from different parts of the world, reaching numerous actors in the commercial chain.
By immersing ourselves in the e-commerce world, we act with a different view of the traditional market. With our users’ commitment and a robust platform, we will improve our business capacity by allowing our partners to freely choose how, where and when to establish links with other actors in the chain.

How does it work? 

Global Pulse Market is easy to use, in just a few steps you can receive offers and negotiate.

Step 1

Sign up as a natural person or a company.

Step 3

Receive offers from other buyers. You can communicate with them through a chat.

Step 2

Publish your products with all the specifications and price.

Step 4

 Close the business. There are no commissions or sales costs.



The producer can sell his products in the local market or abroad.


With the use of filters, they can search for product offers in the local market and place it in the international market.


Through filters or a form, importers have the possibility to search or demand a product.

Service providers

Within the commercialization, several actors facilitate commercial management. With this application, you can also meet these actors who provide different services such as:


Customs brokers



Sale of inputs

Fumifations companies

Tax deposits


Packaging factories

Ground transportation

Marine transport

Air Transport


Current Pulses Market

Unlike commodities, the interaction in the specialty market is done by the commercialization of numerous quality parameters.

Hundreds of variables make the same type of grain different.

Currently, the pulses commercialization is based on the relationships generated through fairs, trade missions, visits to various countries in search of new clients, etc., Generating the greatest interaction between supply and demand.

Personal relationships must be fed back through the years for our strategic partners’ knowledge, which means that most of the times they fail or fail to finalize the negotiation.

The main players in the commerce, often due to lack of time, lose hundreds of new business opportunities.

Generating such long-term relationships often costs time and money, and despite this, the percentage of business done is usually very low.

Value Proposition 

From GPM we create a NEW modality in the specialty trade. We are the FIRST e-commerce in the world for the pulses’ commercialization. With our app, you are a click away from reaching any part of the world.

The benefits for our business partners are reaching a large number of customers around the world to offer their products, looking for a demand based on their needs through the filters provided by the app. Get to know the customer with whom you are going to market through our CHECK IT, know real market prices, generate product auctions, in addition to being in direct contact and in real-time through our chat with hundreds of customers.

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