Beans: prospects in the world and Mexico market 2021.

Beans are an important crop in Mexico. In terms of the value of primary production, and according to the livestock production closure figures, this grain occupies position number 20.

According to data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), in 2019 Mexico was the ninth world producer of beans with a total of 879,404 tons per year. This represents around 3% of world production.

The top five producing countries in the world are Myanmar (5.8 million tons), India (5.3 million tons), Brazil (2.9 million tons), China (1.3 million tons) and Tanzania (1.2 million tons).

In relation to international prices, during 2020, the international price of pinto beans in the United States reached its highest level in July, showing a value of $ 859.80 per ton. This value represented a 37.6% annual change in relation to the same month of 2019.

At the end of last year, the value of the grain reached 804.68 dollars per ton.

The pulses are cultivated practically throughout the country, due to the adaptability and the number of varieties that exist for its cultivation.

It is estimated that the bean harvest in Mexico at the end of the agricultural year 2020 will amount to 1,113.4 thousand tons. The expectations for the production and commercialization of beans are favorable, since the rains registered during the previous year did not cause considerable damage to the cultivation areas.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, it will be dedicated to promoting the production of three new varieties of Jamapa-type beans, which were developed by INIFAP and whose results have shown greater productivity and adaptation to low and high fertility soils, as well as as resistance to pests and diseases.

In relation to national prices, throughout 2020 a volatile trend was observed in relation to the wholesale prices of May flower beans, black beans and pinto beans, due to lower national production of the legume.

During the previous half year, bean prices rose sharply, reflecting increased domestic demand and a significant depreciation of the national currency amid the Covid-19 pandemic.


Mexican Market Behavior:

  • Bean imports grow 108.4%, with a volume of 168 thousand tons.
  • Chickpea exports show an increase of 11.7% with 126 thousand tons.
  • Bean sales exceed 70 thousand tons, which means a drop of 11.2% compared to the volume exported on the same date last year.